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Paris, Ontario May 18, 2017 — The Concerned Citizens of Brant (“CCOB”) have filed an appeal with Environment Minister Glen Murray seeking to overturn the Environmental Review Tribunal’s decision to allow Dufferin Aggregates to establish sewage works for an aggregate washing operation. In its appeal, CCOB argues that the Tribunal failed to consider the toxicological aspects of atrazine and its potential to cause adverse health effects. CCOB is seeking an order from the Minister revoking the Tribunal’s decision with respect to certain conditions and substituting CCOBs’ proposed revised conditions.

“Many members of the community continue to be concerned about the proposed aggregate washing operation given that it will be taking place on lands which were sprayed with the herbicide atrazine for approximately 40 years” said Jeff Broomfield, CCOB’s co-chair, “We strongly believe more rigorous conditions should have been imposed.”

Mary Parker, a member of CCOB, added “We are concerned that the decision fails to include measures which are necessary to protect our drinking water supply, given that the aggregate operations will take place adjacent to a well head protection area, which has also been identified as an area of high vulnerability. We hope Minister Murray will reconsider the matter and revise the Tribunal’s decision and strengthen the measures which we believe are necessary to protect our health and the environment.”

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Jeff Broomfield – 519-754-6229

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