CCOB partners with Brant County Council

CCOB and Brant County Council have joined forces to continue the fight to protect our precious drinking water. Some of our accomplishments to prevent the pit from working to capacity include:

Modifications to the wash pond.

Source pond moved outside the well head protection areas.

Thorough testing of the water established; our water is presently at the highest standards.

Prevented the company from using our water for the last three years.

CCOB partnered with Brant County Council, sharing costs for experts to overturn the decision to grant the Permit to Take Water (PTTW) and the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA).

Winning the right to Appeal the Provincial Government’s decision to grant the PTTW and ECA are major goals of CCOB and Brant County Council.

The entire town of Paris needs to be behind CCOB and Council to win this, and we can. We elected this council, we need to stand with them!

Start a conversation with your family, friends, neighbours and any Paris citizen you meet. CCOB will have an information meeting in the near future to give you all the facts.

Working together, supporting each other we can protect our water for future generations and stop this pit from destroying the historical Paris Plains. You decide your environmental future.

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