Environmental Review Tribunal

Environmental Review Tribunal

Here you will find the documents related to this case. All are in PDF format and can be downloaded.

CCOB informational documents.

CCOB Pamphlet.AppealUpdates.July 2017F CCOB Ministerial Appeal update July2017

CCOB Pamphlet appeal Updates July 2017F

Here are the documents issued by the Tribunal. This includes the original appeal grant & their ruling on the MOECC & Dufferin’s motion to dismiss, the final decision & the notice package.

Environmental Review Tribunal partial appeal granted

Environmental Review Tribunal ruling on MOECC & Dufferin motion to dismiss

Notice Package

Environmental Review Tribunal final decision


These are the expert witness statements submitted by the CCOB’s experts.

Poh-Gek Forkert Witness Statement

David Malcom John Pyke Witness Statement

Ken Howard Witness Statement

Public Presentation

The citizens of Paris packed the council chambers to show their support & concerns for our water. People were lined up into the parking lot hoping to get in. Read all about it in the Expositor… http://www.brantfordexpositor.ca/2017/01/13/tribunal-hears-concerns-of-residents

These are the witness statements submitted on behalf of citizens who spoke at the public presentation session. Click to download.

Jeff Broomfield

Dana Glory

Ron Norris

Anne Ehrlich

Nick Greenacre

Dave Dietrich

Alex Faux


Ministerial Appeal

You can find the CCOB’s full appeal document here. Link to PDF

The other side had the opportunity to respond to our appeal. Their documents can be found below.

County of Brant

County of Brant Reply Submissions

Ministry of Environment

Director’s Responding Written Submissions – Appeal to the Minister

Book of Authorities of the Director

CRH (AKA Dufferin)

CRH Responding Submissions

Schedule A

CCOB’s final response to the submissions.

CCOB ministerial appeal Reply

Minister’s Decision