Environmental Facade

Earth week is coming & that means it’s time for the gravel pit company to bring in students to plant some trees.

duff treesb7

It’s time to show the people of Brant exactly how environmentally conscious a company they are… by using kids to plant a few trees so they can put this picture in the paper. This initiative is mentioned in all meetings in an effort to convince regulators that they are environmentally conscious. “Glen Morris Public School students plant trees with the gravel pit company in an area the company won’t excavate near the future site of a gravel pit in the north of Paris off West River Road.” (quotes link at end)


students plating trees duff distorted“Mitchell said the tree-planting effort was not only an effort on the gravel pit company’s part to be environmentally responsible with the land it owns, but to educate kids to be the same way and to teach them about the importance of biodiversity…”

duff treesb1

“PARIS – Dufferin Aggregates says it is doing due diligence in protecting habitat around the controversial gravel pit it is preparing to open north of the town.

“We have been doing a lot of work on the ecology of the area around our pit operations to ensure that they will have minimal impact when we start,” Kevin Mitchell, Dufferin’s manager of environment and properties, said of advanced planning to open a pit on 615 acres of farmland on both sides of Watts Pond Road.” Brantford Expositor

tree of death1It’s worse in the areas you can’t see. At the back of the property they just bulldozed all the trees over the edge down to the train tracks. I’m sure the live trees will survive with all the dead stuff piled on top.

duff fence walk14

One of many large trees just pushed over, this one being about 50 feet. The golf course is over that ridge.

duff fence walk09

“Meanwhile, Dufferin is using an ongoing working relationship with the environmental awareness group Earth Rangers to teach the community about its plans for the Paris Pit and an appreciation of ecological considerations.”

duff fence walk02

The deer have been living in this area for quite some time. It’s good to know they improve wildlife habitat. See the deer inside the fenced in pit?

duff fence walkb3

Before and after. This entire hedge row was bull dozed and every tree is gone…

compare shots2duff fence walk06

except for these 2. duff treesb9

Piles of trees as far as you can see. That really supports the effort to mitigate dust with a tree screen…

“Mitchell said dust control is required by legislation that regulates the industry and the company doesn’t believe a study is necessary.

“Our operation will implement several measures to ensure dust is controlled,” said Mitchell. “Dufferin Aggregates will be a part of the community for many years, and is committed to operating the Paris site, like our other sites, being a good neighbour. Dust control measures will include using MOE-approved dust suppressants, progressive rehabilitation, berms and tree screens.””

duff treesb6Welcome to the D’s Paris Pit. I’m sure this nice luscious lawn was created without the use of pesticides.duff treesb8Earth week is coming, maybe it would be a good idea to shove those trees in a back field where the kids won’t see them…

Talk is cheap… Deeds speak!

Link to the original Expositor article: http://www.brantfordexpositor.ca/2013/05/15/dufferin-working-to-have-minimal-impact

Just take a drive around the perimeter of the site to see how wonderful their environmental efforts truly are. More pics here…