• Lack of Rehabilitation:
    • poor track record by pit operators in rehabilitating aggregate sites
    • many abandoned pit and quarries
  • Delay in licence surrender: licences not being surrendered in a timely manner
  • Re-zoning: re-zoning of mined-out pit and quarry lands not required
  • Continued aggregate use:
    • mined-out pits and quarries being used for permanent cement batching plants, asphalt plants, processing plants including washing of material and storage of recycled material (e.g. asphalt, cement) and new aggregate material trucked from other pits and quarries
    • mined-out pit and quarry lands having new uses are not being re-zoned as “industrial” and appropriately assessed for municipal tax revenue
    • mined-out pit and quarry lands converted to landfill sites

Taken with permission from the Information Guide For Citizens produced by Gravel Watch Ontario

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