Enforcement by Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and Ministry of the Environment (MOE)

  • Self-regulation:
    • annual self-compliance reporting by pit operators is currently not working and needs to be reviewed
    • no longer are there any mandated pit/quarry annual inspections and reports completed by MNR staff
  • Lack of MNR resources:
    • understaffing of MNR (enforcement officers, planners, biologists)
    • limited professional review of technical reports and site plans by professional staff who have the necessary qualifications and expertise
  • Poor response: no response, limited response or delayed response by MNR staff when complaints about pit/quarry operations are reported by citizens
  • Lack of accountability:
    • there have been few charges, convictions and fines for offences committed under the Aggregate Resources Act and its Regulations
    • the Ministry of the Environment appears not to inspect pit/quarry operations to ensure that there is compliance with the Environmental Protection Act, the Ontario Water Resources Act, etc.
    • a Permit-to-Take Water is subject to audit by the MOE but it is unknown how many audits of these permits are carried out annually

Taken with permission from the Information Guide For Citizens produced by Gravel Watch Ontario