Public Notification and Consultation

  • Limited notification: written notice of licence application only delivered to property owners within 120 metres of proposed site
  • Tight timelines for public comment:
    • considering the magnitude of this matter, the 45 day comment and notification period is too short and dissemination of information to the community is inadequate
    • comment period after the Public Information Session is too short
  • Public objections process flawed:
    • the process for resolution of objections favours the applicant and is onerous, time-consuming and stressful for members of the public who want to express objections to the application
    • MNR not involved in addressing oral and/or written objections of citizens
    • MNR still can issue a licence without addressing oral and/or written objections of citizens
  • No regulations on conducting public information sessions:
    • no requirements or terms of reference under the Aggregate Resources Act and its Regulations on how a public information session for a licence application is to be conducted, such as:

-attendance of consultants who prepared reports in support of the licence application,
-length of session
-stated qualifications, education and expertise of consultants
-presence of MNR staff to ensure that the information session is conducted appropriately
-availability of mailing addresses and timelines
-telephone contacts for the licence application
-copies of EBR Notice
-information as to process involved in the resolution of objections, appeal option

Taken with permission from the Information Guide For Citizens produced by Gravel Watch Ontario

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