Natural Heritage

  • Government policy: not consistent with Section 2: Wise Use and Management of Resources of the Provincial Policy Statement issued under the authority of Section 3 of the Planning Act (On-line Access:, click “Publications” and then click “Provincial Policy Statement)
  • Impacts on wetlands:
    • adverse impacts on identified Provincially or Regionally Significant Wetlands and Wetland Complexes
    • unevaluated wetlands (the MNR has not carried out evaluations of many wetlands and wetland complexes in Ontario under the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System, 3rd Edition, 2002)
  • Impacts on natural environments:
    • adverse impacts on valleyland features
    • adverse impacts or moraine features and functions
    • impacts on Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA’s) and Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI’s)
    • aesthetic loss of meandering natural streams, creeks, rivers, etc.
  • Impacts on vegetation: loss of natural vegetation including trees, woodlands and plant vegetation
  • Impacts on fish: loss of fish populations and fish habitat
  • Incomplete studies: watershed and subwatershed studies funded by the Ministry of the Environment may not have been completed for the area

Taken with permission from the Information Guide For Citizens produced by Gravel Watch Ontario

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