• Regulators: MTO and OPP have pulled poorly maintained and unsafe gravel trucks off roads in our communities
  • Road safety: high speed of gravel trucks and poor driving habits of some drivers
  • Increased traffic: increased traffic and congestion on local roads and highways
  • Designated routes: deviation from designated haul routes
  • Road damage: increased wear and damage to roads from heavy trucks
  • Additional lights: need for large lighted stop signs, flashing overhead lights/stoplights and lighted intersections
  • Inappropriate intersections: many intersections are not upgraded and/or designated for turning gravel trucks
  • Necessary road changes:
    • future relocation and redesign of roads and highways in the area
    • loss in stability of land, possibility of sink holes on nearby roads and lands
  • Icing of roads: increased icing of roads in the fall and winter from evaporation, condensation and moisture in the air rising from pit/quarry ponds and lakes

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