Effects on Water


“Protecting our source water & environment now & for future generations”

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The members of the CCOB have been asking about the safety of our water ever since an aggregate company announced that it was opening in our neighbourhood. Questions regarding the safety of our water have been met with comments such as “trust the science” and “there are no known issues with aggregate companies operating in a wellhead protection area”. We have asked to see this science that proves that our water is safe since early 2012 and none has been presented. In fact. Very little science can be found regarding aggregates and it’s affect on drinking water at all. We have asked for the research and studies done to support the licence and have seen none. All we are offered is a sales pitch delivered with a clear message that they intend to open this pit whether we like it or not.

We met with both the Ministry Of Natural Resources and Ministry Of The Environment and we were told point blank that it is not their job to determine threats to human heath. Just regulate (rubber stamp) what is being done. It is up to the individual citizens to do the science to prove that there is a threat and, to apply enough pressure to force the government to listen.

In order to prove that our water is under threat, we have developed several theories based on the research that we have done. These are solid scientific theories that now need to be scientifically measured.

Potential Risks from Pesticide Residues & Aggregate Washing