Minister’s Decision

Hello CCOB supporters!

After many months of waiting the Minister of the Environment has made his decision. Very disappointing yet, with what we have learned through our experience, it was not unexpected. A great many people told us over the last 5 years that the system is rigged and to them we say… 

you are right!!

Was it worth the effort?


With your help the CCOB were able to effect a number of firsts.

  1. This pit has the most stringent monitoring programs ever stipulated.
  2. This is the first time that the fines or settling pond water have ever been tested.
  3. The Environmental Compliance Approval Permit was not initially open for comments, only through the efforts of the CCOB was this possible. And because of this, more conditions were added to the pit operations.

It’s not what we wanted but we have significantly raised the bar for the monitoring and protection of source water.

See the link below to read the entire Appeal Decision.

We continue to be a watchdog for our community’s water, thank you for being there and for your ongoing support!!


Link to PDF file:

or see all the tribunal docs on this page:

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