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Olszowka Pit
A new pit application has been submitted for another below the water table extraction. CCOB prepared comments for this pit and have submitted them, along with 100’s of concerned citizens. Click here to see the comments submitted by CCOB


Close to 500 attended this meeting with Maude Barlow clearly stating that we WILL win this battle! The CCOB has the full support of the Council Of Canadians. For all of those that attended, I bet you know some people that should have heard what Maude had to say. They still can!!! Just watch the video below and share with as many as you can. More video from the meeting will follow.

Data provided by Dufferin – Click to see

Application For Review

Dec. 21, 2012
The Concerned Citizens Of Brant have filed an Application For Review pursuant to Section 61 of the Environmental Bill of Rights with the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario in regards to Dufferin Aggregates Class A Gravel Pit Licence No. 5601, Brant County. The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario is the province’s independent environmental watchdog and is tasked with monitoring and reporting on compliance with the Environmental Bill of Rights. The application was prepared by CCOB and CELA, The Canadian Environmental Law Association.
Support the CCOB’s application to the environmental commissioner to have this licence yanked. On your cell phone, text the word “Paris” to 123411

Letter To MNR

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Brant County Council issued a letter to the MNR expressing their concern for our water. Click on the letter to see the full size image. Mayor Ron Eddy shares our concerns and not only supports the CCOB, but has also encouraged us to keep up the pressure. We need as much community support as we can get.

It has become clear that the safety of our water has not been looked at and there is no “science” that proves aggregate operations are safe for our water. As the Ministry Of the Environment has informed us, it’s up to the citizens to prove that their is a danger. The aggregate industry is under no obligation to prove that they are safe and the MOE is not obligated to ensure our protection.

On behalf of CCOB we would like to say a BIG


to everyone who took the time to attend our march and rally on Saturday October 13th. It was a great success and we appreciate your support for “stopping the pit”.
With your help we will continue to fight.

Watch for more exciting events coming your way, bring your friends, family and neighbours and together, we will make a difference.

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Letter to the editor

See the letter submitted to the editor of the Brantford Expositor by CCOB V.P. Sandra Parsons…click here.

Click here for links to newspapers so you can submit you comments on this issue.