Paris Community rallying around CCOB after Council surprise

The partnership between the Concerned Citizens of Brant (CCOB) and Brant County Council was shattered after Council decided in a closed meeting to enter into a deal with CRH.
After several days of intensive discussion of the various options, the CCOB executive made the decision to ‘go it alone’. Several fundraising projects were hammered out since the need for funds, estimated at $100 000, was urgent and formidable. It was the right decision. The reaction of the community was immediate and overwhelming.
At noon November 29, people of Brant County and others had donated or pledged over $75,000, according to the CCOB’s gofundme page. These contributions of the community are a vote to continue.


One of the donations was from 7-year old Paris resident Luke Mitchell, who dug deep into his allowance piggy bank. While handing over his contributions to Jeff Broomfield of CCOB, Luke had some words he wanted to say to all the people of Brant County,

“It’s important to give as much as you can to keep our water safe.”

CCOB went into partnership with Brant County Council to challenge the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change(MOECC) and CRH before an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) regarding health and environmental risks associated with the Paris Pit. It is known this pit will be operating directly above the aquifer supplying Paris’s drinking water.
CCOB wants assurances the pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers used on this agricultural land will pose no danger of contaminating the aquifer.
Council hired experts they had asked CCOB to recommend, from their decision to sever the partnership with the CCOB, it would appear that Council ignored these findings. Since those decisions were made ‘in camera’ they are not available for public scrutiny.
The first hearings for the ERT are December 12th and 13th 10 AM at Paris Council Chambers. Those hearings are public and will give this community the chance, by their attendance, to closely follow these proceedings and show the world they do care what happens in their community.


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