Green Heroes: Sarah Harmer

Sarah Harmer is a JUNO award winning singer/songwriter who flexes her musical muscle to protect a world biosphere site. Sarah grew up with the Niagara Escarpment in her backyard. Today, she is dedicated to its preservation, and to achieve this goal, she co-founded PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land) and mounts a concert each summer featuring renowned musicians like Bruce Cockburn and Feist.


Ontario’s Ministries of the Environment and Natural Resources are unable to fulfill their mandates of environmental protection, due to a gradual but steady erosion of funding, staffing and expertise. This is from a report from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario released last week. This video features the Commissioner outlining a case study of this problem: regulating aggregates (sand and gravel pits and quarries).


Gord Miller was interviewed in his role as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. His Office is tasked with the responsibility to oversee the Government’s decisions as they relate to the environment. In this video, Miller mentions the emerging environmental challenges that we need to be aware of it and their impacts on all of us. Listen to what he says about water.


Dig Conservation, Not Holes

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is literally made of stone, sand and gravel, collectively known as aggregate. Aggregate is in the cement we use to make sidewalks, bridges, large buildings, sewers, the foundations of our homes, and the underground tunnels for subways, cars, and pedestrian walkways. Large amounts of aggregate are also used to make our roads, both the beds on which they sit and the asphalt we use to pave them. Put simply, aggregate is everywhere.

Escarpment Blues – The original rough cut video footage

Sarah Harmer video regarding the Mount Nemo quarry