Take Action

It’s easy to get involved & take action, and there is so much you can do. Together, we can stop this pit!

Sign the Petition

Sign the Source Water Protection petition online at Avaaz.org or Change.org. We are trying to get 10,000 signatures, and we need you to sign the petition and then send it to all your friends and family. This will help the Ministry take notice of our community! Let us know if you would like to post a paper survey for people to sign in person.

Contact government officials and the media

Call, tweet and/or write a letter to government leaders, representatives, and others. We’ve collected all the contact information for relevant figures. We’ve also created sample materials for you to help make the job easier.

Talk to friends and family about the issues

Share our website, petition and other materials as frequently as you can, on social networks, by email, and by word-of-mouth. Help us get the message out & involve more people, every voice counts! It’s likely the people around you don’t know what is going on. Tell them. We’ve created a kitchen table presentation to help give you discussion points in your quest to inform others. You can download the PDF for use on your computer or to print out.

Keep in touch with CCOB

Follow CCOB on Facebook and Twitter. Join our mailing list. Become a member to help support CCOB’s efforts. It’s easy to do and only costs $5.00 for a lifetime membership. Just fill out the form and join at one of our meetings (or check for a retailer).


If you would like to volunteer your time, get in touch.

There are many other ways to get involved. Here are some ideas. Let us know if there is something else you would like to be doing!

Quick & Easy — Less than two minutes
A little more — 15 minutes to an hour
Above & beyond — 15 minutes to an hour
Active citizen — 30 minutes +

Quick & Easy

Less than two minutes

A little more

15 minutes to an hour

  • Come out to CCOB events. Find out about them first on Facebook.
  • Write your own or send prepared letters to our Mayor and Council
  • Talk to friends, family & neighbours about the Paris gravel pit issues
  • Host home- or locally-based Living Downstream movie nights. We have copies of the DVD you can borrow.
  • Arrange an event with your community, service or church groups. Invite a CCOB member to help facilitate, if you’d like.

Above & beyond

15 minutes to an hour

  • Bake food or donate drinks for CCOB events
  • Distribute flyers
  • Invite people to events by phone
  • Help setup event spaces (tables and chairs)
  • Sell CCOB calendars to help raise money
  • Support other CCOB fundraising efforts
  • Lend your talents. What can you do specially to help?

Active citizen

30 minutes +