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The Aggregate Resources Act is currently under provincial review by the Standing Committee on General Government. The public is being given a very short comment period. This is concerning because the ARA and the pits and quarries in our area affect our lives and our livelihoods.

The committee needs to hear your voice. We need to protect our source water.

It’s as easy as filling out the form & clicking the sign button. Feel free to edit the letter to your preference. Your email will be sent directly to, who is the Clerk of the Committee. As Ontario Citizens we have between now and Wednesday May 16th to voice our concerns to the committee. Spread the word & get your friends to do the same.
Every pit and quarry in the province of Ontario must rehabilitate according to their Site Plan. Disappointingly, the rate of abandonment and lack of rehabilitation are ongoing concerns. Pits are self regulated and carry out their operation with very little oversight. They are exempt from many of the environmental & source water protection policies that are put in place & are not required to contact the governing conservation authority to inform them of their operations.

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We don’t want this on top of our drinking water!