You will need to sign the petition in person. Locations follow the petition text.

TO: The Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Whereas we the Citizens of Brant under the Environmental Bill of Rights request the re-opening of license #5601 issued to Dufferin Aggregates in 1974. This gravel pit is located over our wellhead protection area and other areas considered vulnerable for ground water contamination.  This same pit is also located in areas to be protected under our new Source Water Protection Plan which is to be completed in August 2012 under the Clean Water Act. This pit could have a negative effect on quality, quantity, and the safety of the drinking water for 12,000 citizens in the County of Brant. This aggregate operation is in close proximity to the Gilbert Creek and the Grand River-both of which are designated as Natural Heritage systems that must be preserved.
We the undersigned petition Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows;
We request the re-opening of license #5601 and the following studies be performed, Hydro-geological Report (Including well-monitoring and interference), Environmental Impact Study, Traffic Impact Study, Planning Justification Report, Noise Impact Assessment, Archaeological Assessment, Site plan.

Locations where you can sign the petition:

Green Heron Books – 31 Grand River Street North, Paris

Curves Health Club – 74 Scott Avenue,  Paris

Advance Printing – 2 Scott Ave, Paris

The Fit Effect – 326 Grand River St. N, Paris

Hasty Market – Grand River Ave, Paris

Golden Triangle Steel – 471 Dundas St, Cambridge

Canfast Industrial Supply – 1195 Franklin Blvd #13, Cambridge

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