Sample Contact Materials

We’ve created these sample materials to help make it easier for you to reach out to your local and provincial decision-makers, as well as the press. Feel free to use, adapt and share these materials as you need. For a list of contact information – who to contact and how – check out our Who Can you Contact? section.

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>>> Letter to Glenn Murray, Minister of the Environment

Sample Tweets

@Kathleen_Wynne @Glen4ON Clean water is a human right! Deny the Permit to Take Water in Paris & prevent gravel pit contamination! @CCOBrant

Hey @Glen4ON I signed the petition to Protect Ontario’s Drinking Water Sources. Deny the PTTW in Paris! @CCOBrant

Sample Call Scripts

Hello, my name is (your name) and I am a voter from (city, province). I am calling because the Ministry of Environment is holding a technical stakeholders meeting on February 5th on the Permit to Take Water for the Watts Pond Gravel Pit in Paris, Ontario. I want you to do all you can to prevent this Permit from being granted, in order to protect the health and safety of the people – like me – who live in the community. Clean Water is a Human Rights issue. We are counting on you to provide strong leadership in this regard, and we expect you to uphold this right. Thank you.

Sample Letters

Letter to Glenn Murray, Minister of the Environment

Dear Minister Murray,

As our new Minister of the Environment, we the citizens of Brant have been encouraged to hear your deep concern for our environment and climate change. It has given us, the Concerned Citizens of Brant (CCOB) hope that your Ministry will make the appropriate decision to Stop The Paris gravel pit and stop the Permit to Take Water.

We are enraged by the health and environmental risks we are being exposed to because of the proposed Paris Gravel Pit and the impending risks to our water, air, our environment and health for all.

Along with over 500 letters sent to your Ministry in December from citizens expressing their deep concerns about the pit we are asking you to approve the Lake Erie Source Region Protection Committees request to include land uses and activities that penetrate into the municipal aquifer and/or increase the vulnerability of wellhead protection areas or intake protection zones as threats to source water.

Your Ministry has called a Stakeholder Meeting on Feb. 5th and we are prepared to again present our concerns with the growing scientific evidence along with support from our expert consultant; a contaminent hydrogeologist. We have learned a lot more about prevention of bacterial contamination of our water supply since the Walkterton Inquiry and it’s tragic outcomes. As you know, there is growing evidence of the risks associated with agrochemicals that could and do contaminate our acquifers. How does stripping of 15 metres of topsoil by the aggregate company impact the protective filtering capacity of the land and the risks to human health?

Please Stop the Paris Pit and Stop the Permit to Take Water. Clean Water is a Human Rights issue and we are confident you will provide strong leadership in this regard.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,