We’re going strong! Thank You!


I think the real story here is how a small town is coming together to protect our water.
I really want to thank everyone, and the whole group here at CCOB want to express our thanks to you for all of your support and encouragement. We recognize the sacrifice many of you made to make this contribution. We truly appreciate all of your efforts and your faith in us.
We’re so close… We’ve managed to get an extension & our outlook is pretty good. To proceed we have to be able to guarantee that we can pay the experts.
We still need another $25,000 to move forward and we’re still collecting pledges and donations.
Many of the citizens that we have spoken with are furious with the County’s move. Rightly so. I’m with you.
I also believe that this adds further strength to our case… if we (CCOB) keep our cool and utilize the situation then we will win this case.

… but we can’t do it without out your support.
Anything you can do will be awesome!

Cheques can be made payable to CCOB & dropped off at Advance Printing or dropped in the mailbox at 8 Columbine Cres or mailed to Jeff Broomfield, 738 Watts Pond Rd., Paris N3L3E2

Donations can also be made on Gofundme https://www.gofundme.com/ParisPitAppeal
I really wish I could share more.

Thanks again!!
Jeff Broomfield


Mark your calendar for Monday Dec 12. That’s the 1st day of testimony for Dr. Forkert (if we’re able to go forward) and you’ll have the opportunity to hear for yourself how bad these chemicals really are.

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